Greg Toussieng

Greg Toussieng is Mortgageman, the face, personality and burgundy suited mascot of Choice Home Mortgage.

Mortgage Man is a character created by Greg Toussieng.  Inspired by the character of Rob Burgundy played by Will Ferrell in the Anchorman comedy film series, Mortgageman brings the same beloved pizzazz and ferocity to Choice Home Mortgage as the well-known character with whom he shares an uncanny resemblance.  A jokester to the core, Toussieng came up with the idea to create the Mortgageman character purely out of good, clean fun.  It is his intention that Mortgageman represents Choice Home Mortgage in a fun and exciting way that invites viewers of his comedy sketch to learn more about the mortgage brokerage company and its services.

About Greg Toussieng

Greg Toussieng is the CEO and Lead Mortgage Broker of Choice Home Mortgage.  An expert in finance, Toussieng has dedicated his career to keeping his clients for life.  And with decades under his belt and plenty of returning clients over the years, he has accomplished precisely that.  Toussieng is RESNET REO certified and also specializes in Mortgage Loan Originator services (MLO).  Fun-loving and always ready to crack a joke, the CEO and Broker dreamt up the idea for Mortgageman as a way to have fun while teaching others about mortgage lending services. 

Dynamic Duo: Greg & Esther

The character of Mortgageman is brought to life and likeness thanks to Greg Toussieng.  But he’s not the only one running the show here.  Joined by his faithful companion in life, business, comedy and marriage, Esther, the character thrives on the pair’s back-and-forth, lighthearted banter.  Can you believe Greg got Esther to go along with this bit?!  Well, believe it — and she pulls it off in full anchorwoman-esque style, too!  The lively entertainment value of this pair is a testament to the dynamic duo’s partnership, both in and out of the office.  

Choice Home Mortgage Service Features

Each episode of Mortgageman features a different service offered by Choice Home Mortgage.  Often joined by a guest or fellow expert in the trade, Mortgageman and his companion, Esther, break complicated mortgage terminology and financial services down into easy to understand guides.  All the while, laughs and enjoyment are to be had as the lovable Mortgageman makes a joke out of just about everything!  Toussieng hopes that this approach is as entertaining as it is educational and informative.